Downtown Saranac Lake may have a comfortable urban feel but it wouldn’t be what it is today without the water, surrounding wooded mountains, and parks.
The benefits of parks in Saranac Lake was first identified in the Olmstead Plan in 1909, the Village’s first master plan.
Since then, the Village of Saranac Lake and the Village Improvement Society (VIS) have developed and maintained an impressive park system that allows visitors and residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
VIS owns and maintains seven parks in Saranac Lake- of which, Doresy, Beaver, and Vest Pocket parks, are located downtown.

Park Map

VIS Owned Parks:

Dorsey Park -Located on Dorsey Street, near the Dorsey Street bridge alongside the Saranac River. It’s small and seclude with a river view bench- perfect for a person and their thoughts. (2)

 Beaver Park – Located on the corner of LaPan Highway and Dorsey Street, along the Saranac River. It’s a go-to spot for picnics downtown. It has green grass, a gazebo, river edge views- you bring the sandwiches, lemonade, and fishing poles! (3)

Vest Pocket Park – Located on Main Street, between The Community Store and the Library. It has benches and flowers making it a perfect place to slip away to while out shopping downtown! (4)

Village Owned Parks:

Berkeley Green – The Berkeley Green is a small village park on the site of the former Berkeley House, which burned January 10, 1981; the park contains a gazebo that is used for public performances. Berkeley Green also hosts the trailhead register for the Saranac Lake 6er’s.

Riverside Park – Once the site of a large Adirondack hotel, now a grassy park by the end of Lake Flower in downtown.

Riverwalk – The Saranac Riverwalk is a 1.5 mile multi-use path that follows the Saranac River from the rear of 3 Main Street and winds through downtown to Tops on Church Street. The idea for the Riverwalk was formalized in the 1988 document Saranac River: A Plan for Access.